5 STEPS To Achieve The Best Results: Tips For Content Writers

If you are a content writer or aspiring to be one, you must have heard a lot of them saying, “Content is the king.

One might acquire all sorts of digital marketing skills. But the content is what that puts these skills to use. Hence the content writers are always in demand.

From the hand brochures, websites, social media posts, and copywriting content speak on behalf of you. A good content writer delivers a copy that increases sales.

I have come across a lot of people who think content writing comprises of using fancy and sophisticated words, but the irony is

“A content that is simple and easy to understand will reach more people and keeps the engagement high.”

This post will help you understand what quality content is and how you should draft one.

Content is a piece of information that you are trying to convey through different forms of marketing. These content can be in the form of images or videos.

Different forms of content include

  • Blog post
  •  Articles
  • Social media posts
  • Brochures 
  •  Flyers 

Google loves quality content

Google considers around 200 number of factors before ranking a website

Some of them are Using keywords in the page’s copythe length of the content, Duplicate content, and so on.

Content writer must focus on delivering high-quality content.

If you are able to convey the information in the right way to the right set of people, then that’s quality content.

To bring out a piece of content that your audience will love,

you need to follow and implement certain thumb rules of content writing

Say No To Plagiarised Content:

As I said, Google considers many factors before crawling the pages; this is one of the most important factors. This can land you in trouble as well.

You can take inspiration from the internet, but you are not allowed to copy them.

There are lot of websites which helps you to get content ideas

Search for inspiration begins:

There is a number of ways to find inspiration, but one of my favorite ways is to read.

Yes, read a lot of content that is already available on the internet.

 make a note of points that you find interesting. Once you are clear about what all things you want to include in your content, follow these steps :

 Make points of important details that are covered by most of the references you took

Make points about the unique information that you want to include in the content other than your reference

Make a draft of how your content should look? Whether it should be like 1st person view or 2nd person view

 Visual communication is one of the most effective ways of communication. The human brain responds quickly to visuals than to text.

 Having two to three images in a blog will be an added advantage.

 You can divide these visuals as a featured image,1 or 2 related image, and one info-graphic (If applicable)

With all these things set, you are now ready to draft a valuable piece of content.

The main goal of a content writer should be, adding value to the content. Once you have created a valuable piece of content, the reader will automatically engage with it.

The more engagement, the lesser will be the bounce rate. This will help Google understand that you are giving adding value to your readers.

A catchy headline :

A gift that is well wrapped and then presented gives a better impression than giving it away without wrapping.

Anything that attracts us is things that are well presented. Be it packing from your online store or an attractive book cover.

Similarly, if you want someone to go through your content, make sure they enter the door of your content.

Pen down an attractive headline that builds curiosity in the reader’s mind. This curiosity will lead them to engage in your blog.

There are many tools to check how good your headline is. Below are some of the tools that I prefer to use.

Give a visual treat to your audience:

Not everyone likes to read a long blog. Even though your blog is very informative, at some point, the reader may get distracted.

To maintain the reader’s engagement, make sure to add some images. Sharing some of the real-time data with the users will build trust between you and the reader.

During your research, if you find any videos or reference blogs that support your writing, never hesitate to include them. This adds more value to your blog.

Making your content flawless:

The drafting stage in content writing must include gathering information. Focus on how the content has to be presented.

Never try to create a perfect piece at the first go. Either you will end up not focusing the core things or take a lot of time working towards perfection.

Once you have the draft,work on editing. Go through each and every line carefully. Check for grammar and punctuation errors.

If you feel the need to elaborate some more points go ahead. 

Bonus tip:

 No matter how much effort one will put, there is always someone who outstands the other. 

If you are someone who craves perfection, the one who wants to deliver exceptional content, then only proper research about the topic can help you achieve this.

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