Top Companies That Have Excelled Because of Digital Marketing

Top Companies That Have Excelled Because of Digital Marketing

The field of digital marketing has proved to be extremely dynamic and ever changing. Many people wonder how to start with digital marketing and be successful. Now, let’s see all the brands and companies that have aced the digital marketing world. 


Hence, here are the top companies that implemented very effective digital marketing strategies and increased customer base and Return of Investment. These companies started creating visual experiences and content that mesmerised the audience. This resulted in a huge expansion of customer base. 



Zappos is one of the big shots in the online shoe commerce sector. This company has set one of the highest standards in customer care. This implies that Zappos has a killer digital marketing strategy. 


American Express:


We have seen a lot of companies say that the digital marketing game is about “the communities” and how creating online presence and indulging in “online conversation” is important. But, very few companies have actually succeeded in doing it. American Express managed to do this by leveraging the value provided by a range of online experts on its open forum website


This Open Forum site is a part of American Express, where guest authors from different sectors and fields are invited to share their wisdom, business knowledge, and advice with the audience. This made the company extremely popular, because who doesn’t want success? By managing content on the Open Forum section, this site became one of the favourites of almost all the search engines. This implies that you need not be the creator of content for your company. You can easily find many industrial leaders who are willing to do that. This makes a huge difference in the web traffic received and the ranking in the search engines. 




Entering the sector of personal finance is very tough, especially for a startup company, with limited capital and resources. But, the Mint Company took an unusual approach here, which made them stand out of the crowd. This was possible because of the well-executed online marketing strategies.


Although the company was not that popular in the beginning, and not that known worldwide too, they stuck to a well-planned online marketing strategy, that includes publishing high-quality content, and a highly informative blog section. This strategy made them viral as people loved reading their blogs and content. As the result of Mint’s online marketing strategy, the company gained a massive user base and the CEO sold the company to Intuit for a whopping sum of USD 170 million. 


This teaches us that investing in content marketing is not at all bad, and will definitely result in success. 


Dollar Shave Club:


Usually, shaving is a part of the daily routine that excites no one, right? Well, Dollar Shave Club does not not think that. The launch video of the Dollar Shave Club is considered to be one of the most popular and phenomenal. 


Now, this company has over a million subscribers, and it’s promotional video has gotten approximately more than 24 million views. This company was recently acquired by Unilever for one billion dollars. During the time of their explosive growth, The Dollar Shave Club continued to share content like “Is it bad to pluck nose hair with my fingers?” and many more. This made people read the blogs regularly. 




Slack is a tool that allows people to communicate efficiently and share files easily. This comes in a single platform, which makes it easy for people to access. In 2014, Slack had approximately 15,000 users. The rise of users is spectacular here as currently more than 5 million people are using slack frequently, where approximately half a million are paid users. The reason behind the success of Slack is customer experience. The company responds to 8,000 help desk tickets and approximately 10,000 tweets a month. 


This shows that user experience is extremely important. 




We can definitely agree that Airbnb has revolutionized the travel industry. Looking for accommodations has never been easier. This platform was launched when the founders couldn’t afford rent. The site now reached 100 million users, approximately 2.3 accomodations listings, and valued at 31 billion dollars. 


The platform focuses on getting both travelers and hosts. The digital marketing strategy of this site includes user-generated images of the accommodations, and videos of the places uploaded on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Besides this, the platform also offers City guides for people, best places to visit, and many more. This attracts a lot of users.  Besides the accommodation service, you can also see Airbnb as a travel forum. This is the reason the company succeeded using the phenomenon of digital marketing. 


According to a report, Airbnb tops in social media campaigning. The campaign was so effective that the platform saw an increase in followers by 341 percent. 




Most of the time, we see many companies promoting themselves. Self-promotional should always be in a limit and expressed smoothly, or else, no one is gonna get attracted to the platform. 


JetBlue is a popular airline company that actually made its way to the top by following a certain digital marketing scheme. Instead of announcing their discounts over social media platforms, the company chose to use its social media handles to provide easier and quicker customer service. Many people started asking questions about the airline, flight timings, and other things. This increased the user base drastically.