Key To Successful EMail Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a form of marketing that can be used to advertise your products, offers, sales etc. to customers on your Email list. It can also be used as to tool to establish conversation with your customer base and can also be used to receive feedback based on your products and services. Emails are an effective tool to promote customer engagement. Whether you open, delete or archive an Email it will remain in you box until some sort of interaction is taken with it.

Types Of Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are broadly divided into four types. These four types of Email marketing campaigns are:

  1. Email  Newsletters: These are the most common forms of  Email  marketing campaigns. Email newsletters provide your subscribers with useful information, tips, strategies, and tools. While these newsletters do not directly push any product or service, they are still an important marketing tool all the same. They enrich your customers inbox with content they find useful to them. This will help you position yourself as an expert in the field, it will also promote a positive interaction with your customers all the while passively promoting your brand and product.
  2. Acquisition Email : These  Email  are not geared towards active customers, but rather to potential customers who have yet to avail your goods or services. By providing them with exciting offers making them aware of sales or promotions or simply by providing them with good content, you are pushing them to become a customer faster. By incentivizing transacting with your business these E-mails help smoothen the conversion process in mass.
  3. Retention Email : These Email  are the opposite of acquisition  Email . Rather than trying to acquire new customers you are trying to convince lapsed customers, or customers who have not availed your services or interacted with your  E-mails to engage with the company. By sending a request for feedback you will be able to keep the lines of communications open with your hard-earned customers.
  4.  Promotional Email : These are Email that more closely relate to the goal of marketing They are written specifically to push products, sales, offers, etc. to your customers in an attempt to drive sales.

Here Is What You Should Do

After understanding the type of Email  let us briefly talk about the type of Email  lists we organize our customers into. Simply put customers can be organized into three lists, active potential, and lapsed. Another important question is “how do you obtain customer details in order to add them to one or the other list”? By incentivizing them to give you their  Email  is the way to go about it. You can try to convince them by offering new subscribers free shipping, a discount of some sort, a promise for future offers, or simply as a requisite for online transactions. 

While obtaining Emails, be very careful to not obtain them through illegal means. Be sure to read up on the rules and regulations surrounding cyber laws in your part of the world before engaging in any transaction involving personal information. The safest way to is to obtain the Email from the customers themselves with their consent. Another point to note is that after obtaining a customer’s Email  you must not abuse it. Flooding their inboxes with Email  after Email or sending them irrelevant or inappropriate content will not only get you blocked from their Email but may also lead them to stop doing business with you.

Using personalized Email  is another excellent strategy to make the most of advertising budget. Email marketing consists of sending personalized Email  to your subscribers promoting a new product, service, sale, offer etc. A recent study revealed that Email campaigns yielded a return of $44 for every dollar spent.

Personalization Of Email

 What you must keep in mind, is that the word “personalized” is extremely important in this term. If the Email  is customized to the customer, it is far more likely to get them to open said Email ,and conversely convert their attention into a purchase. If you have a large customer base, it becomes increasingly unlikely that you will be able to make all the necessary customizations to these Emails manually. This is where employing a digital marketing firm who will be able to automate this task for you will be convenient, along with automating your personalized Emails  they can also manage your Email  lists and advise you on what kind of Email  marketing campaign to send to which list and when. At Avsom Digital Solution Pvt. Ltd., we have a committed team of digital marketing experts who can handle all your Email marketing needs. We also additionally provide SEO, social media management, blog writing, website and mobile app design, brand marketing and many more services required to be successful on the internet. At affordable price we will cover all your digital marketing needs to ensure that your company grows. After all, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.