A Quick Guide To Social Media Marketing

A Quick Guide To Social Media Marketing

Social media refers to the collection of digital platforms that facilitate the exchange of information including but not limited to ideas, interests, personal opinions, daily life updates and so on. as stated earlier social media is made up of a collective of various platforms. These platforms all have distinctive features and uses. Social Media Marketing plays a vital role in Branding.It is important to understand these differences to plan your marketing strategy appropriately. Let us quickly go through who the major players on social media are:

i) Facebook – The largest social media platform currently. Facebook allows people to connect with acquaintances from the offline world, build relationships with new people online, and build communities consisting of people with similar interests. Expressing opinions, sharing images, messaging exchanges and community engagement are the main functions of Facebook. 

ii) Instagram – It is a photo and video sharing social network. Instagram allows you to connect with people and to update your feed in the form of either image or video posts. Unlike Facebook, you can keep your profile hidden from people who do not follow you. This gives Instagram a more intimate setting that makes people more comfortable, and more likely to engage. If your brand can successfully grow a following on this social network, you will have a more engaged consumer base. Instagram is a great avenue to grow brand awareness and drive sales. From sponsorships and partnerships with content creators, as well as running ads on Instagram, you will be able to quickly see returns on your investments.

iii) Twitter – Twitter is a microblogging social platform that allows you to express your thoughts and opinions in 140 characters. It also allows the sharing of video and or audio but is primarily a text-oriented form of social media. Many companies use their Twitter accounts to engage with their customer base, even the average individual is generally more reserved and calculated when engaging in Twitter discourse. This makes it a slightly more formal social network.

iv) LinkedIn – Unlike most forms of social media, LinkedIn is a professional digital network. The main goal of LinkedIn is to build professional networks and enhance career development.

v) Pinterest – Pinterest is an image-sharing social network. The primary purpose of Pinterest is to find ideas and inspirations. From hairstyles to food recipes, Pinterest has millions of posts relevant to almost every field and is heavily used by people when they feel curious. This makes it an excellent platform to advertise on as users log in with an open frame of mind, in the hopes of finding something new.

Using social media in order to market your goods and services, to create public awareness, or simply to boost brand image is the right way to go in the terms of marketing in 2021. The world is becoming increasingly more digital, and this includes the market as well. Social media is already a massive part of our lives. The most prominent social media platforms have an astounding number of users. This makes them the perfect target for advertising campaigns. 

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The highly integrated nature of social media means that every one of these users is a prospective customer. This gives a far larger pool of marketing potential than any other traditional media outlet could have provided for any business ever before.

This immense pool of potential customers isn’t the only thing that social media has to offer for businesses looking to increase their prominence in the market. Let us look at what other possibilities social media represents.

  1. Website tracking and analysis will allow you to identify the amount of web traffic you receive, as well as the sources of traffic. This will allow you to constantly adjust your marketing strategy and give you a more mailable approach. 
  2. A smart social media strategy will help your enterprise build a positive brand image. In addition to being viewed favorably by your customer base it will also help your brand become a more household name.
  3. Social media facilitates conversions at a higher rate than other forms of advertising such as television and print.
  4. The cost of advertising on social media is also lower than advertising on traditional media. The large social media platforms charge a substantially lower rate to advertise on their platforms than television stations or newspaper agencies.
  5. By allowing you to engage and interact with your consumer base, social media allows you to organically grow a loyal and devoted pool of customers.

Before marketing on social media, you should have a clearly designed social media marketing strategy in place. All strategies start with a goal. Your social media goal should clearly define what you want to get out of social media. To frame an appropriate social media goal, you must answer the following questions:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What are you hoping to achieve out of social media?
  3. What brand impression do you want to create on your users?
  4. Do you have the budget to make the necessary investments into social media?

After answering these questions, you will have a better idea of what exactly it is that you want to gain out of marketing on social media. Now, you must develop an appropriate social media marketing strategy to achieve these goals. Without a proper social media marketing plan, you will not be able to get the results you want out of your campaign. All in all, whatever strategy you develop must check the following boxes:

  1. Provide good quality, engaging content.
  2. Clearly link your social media account to your business venture. i.e., make sure to share the curated links to your website, store etc. 
  3. Present a consistent brand image. Your followers will be rather confused if you come off as a fun trendy brand on one day and a formal serious brand on the second.
  4. Regularly check what your competitors are doing. They can provide you with key insights into new trends, keywords, hashtags etc.

As long as you have a clearly defined goal, with the budget to achieve it and adhere to the above checklist, you will be able to enjoy success through social media marketing. A few other tips that could be useful for social media marketing are:

  1. Use hashtags, they are great for increasing web traffic. The more relevant hashtags you can attach to a post the better.
  2. Post regularly. Posting regularly will help your company build an online presence.
  3. Engage your audience. Be sure to interact with your customers and potential customers. If your brand’s social is approachable, it will create a similar perception surrounding your brand overall. In addition, it will help you build your consumer base.

Managing a social media campaign can be an arduous task. It requires persistent vigilance as well as a knowledge of the latest social trends, and at least a basic education on web traffic analysis. All this can be hard to supervise while also simultaneously running your own business. At Avsom Digital Solution Pvt. Ltd., we have a committed team of digital marketing experts who can handle not only all your social media marketing needs but everything you need to be successful in the digital marketing sphere. From SEO, social media management, blog writing, website and mobile app design, brand marketing etc. We will cover all your digital marketing needs to ensure that your company grows at affordable prices. After all, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.